Launching online calculator for ICICI RubyX credit card

India’s leading private sector bank and one of Cohezia Digital’s oldest clients, ICICI Bank has launched an online calculator, for its newly launched RubyX credit card.The new credit card has been launched in two versions; ICICI Bank RubyX credit card and ICICI Jet airways RubyX credit card.

The online calculator helps the user to know about the best suited credit card between the two, for delivering higher rewards specific to his lifestyle and spending pattern.

When the user goes to the calculator page, he’s asked to put in details of his estimated average monthly expenses on shopping, travel, essential items, petrol and others. Based on every individual’s specific spending patterns, the calculator shows a comparative advantage for any of the two cards in a comprehensive chart and recommends a particular credit card over the other.

Cohezia Digital’s technical team created the online device based on the application logic provided by the ICICI’s IT team.