Do you want to be part of the audience or do you want to write the script? Cohezia CEO, Chandresh Pala, posed this thought provoking question amongst other pertinent insights at FRAMES 2003, a global convention on the Entertainment Business. An invited speaker at this high profile convention, Chandresh addressed a crowd spanning the fields of entertainment, television, film and technology. Some of the key points were: Technology is drastically changing the future of the entertainment business and there will be no escaping this.

One of the main challenges will be to harness convergent digital media and new thinking to create a richer entertainment experience Technology will also enable organisations in the Entertainment sector to reduce costs and increase efficiency To maximise technology on your entertainment product, using a project methodology which factors this in at the very beginning helps and a team that understands the sector A mindset change is needed – looking at Technology not as a bit player but as a lead role will open new possibilities of profit creation. Change management is critical for successful projects